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The lifetime allowance (LTA) for the 2019/20 tax year is £1,055,000.

The LTA is a limit on the amount of pension benefit that can be paid from pension schemes without triggering a tax charge. If, on retirement, your benefits exceed the LTA you’ll have the additional tax charge deducted from either your pension (25%) or lump sum (55%). The value of your pension for LTA purposes is calculated as 20 x pension + lump sum.

In this example, the member’s pension benefits on their retirement in 2019/20 were:

  • Pension = £56,000
  • Lump sum = £120,000

LTA used = (20 x £56,000) + £120,000 = £1,240,000

As the LTA used is higher than the LTA for 2019/20, a tax charge will be payable on the excess amount.

However, the member may reduce the LTA they use by exchanging some of their pension to increase their tax free lump sum.

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