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When you join the Scheme, you can ask to transfer any eligible previous pension(s) you have into the Fund.

If your request is accepted, the value of the transfer would give you additional pension or membership, which is used to give you additional benefits when you retire.

If you want to transfer a pension into the EAPF, you’ll need to do this within the first 12 months of joining.

If you have previous membership from the EAPF or another LGPS fund, where you ceased to be a contributing member:

  • on or after 1 April 2014 -  this would automatically be transferred into the EAPF. You can elect to keep this separate, as long as you tell us within the first 12 months of becoming a contributing member in your new employment
  • before 1 April 2014 – you may elect to transfer this into the EAPF, providing you elect to do so within the first 12 months of becoming a contributing member in your new employment.

For more details about transferring a pension, download our 'Guide to transferring benefits into the EAPF'.

What pension rights could I be eligible to transfer in?

The EAPF can accept transfers of;

  • a previous LGPS fund (in England or Wales)
  • a pension scheme registered with the HMRC
  • some overseas pension schemes from a European pensions institute

We cannot accept transfers from;

  • LGPS membership as a councillor or mayor
  • A pension credit awarded by a pension sharing order following a divorce
  • some overseas transfers
  • pensions already in payment
I’ve been a contributing member for over 12 months, what can I do?

You wouldn’t normally be allowed to transfer in unless there are exceptional circumstances and these are agreed between the EAPF and your employer. If you leave your employment and start another one where you're eligible to join the LGPS, you'll be given new options to transfer your previous pension to the new scheme.

What about my Additional Voluntary Contributions?

If you have an AVC in the LGPS in England and Wales, you can transfer it in with your main Scheme benefits as a cash amount into one of the EAPF’s in-house AVC funds. For more details about AVCs please visit our 'I want to pay more' page.

If you have a free standing AVC, or one that is attached to a non-LGPS (England and Wales) pension scheme, you can still transfer this into the EAPF, but it will buy you a fixed amount of pension.

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