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Pensions Committee members and officers are expected to maintain a reasonable knowledge of ongoing developments and current issues.

This will allow them to have a good level of general awareness of pension related matters, which may not be specific to the Environment Agency Pension Fund.

The EAPF has a Knowledge and Skills policy detailing the training strategy for members of the Pensions Committee (PC) and for senior officers responsible for the management of the Fund.

The Training Policy is established to aid these PC members and officers in performing and developing personally in their individual roles, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that EAPF is managed by individuals who have the appropriate levels of knowledge and skills. 

To assist this process the Fund has developed certificates that provide a snapshot of Individual member training plans and competencies, at 31 March 2017, over and above the individuals own professional qualifications and experience.

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Committee training

As an administering authority of the LGPS, the Committee recognises the importance of ensuring that all staff and members charged with the financial management and decision-making with regard to the pension scheme are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to discharge those responsibilities. The Pensions Committee seeks to ensure that its membership is both capable and experienced and provides training so the members can acquire and maintain an appropriate level of expertise, knowledge and skills.

We have a training policy which addresses the strategy for the Pensions Committee and senior officers responsible for the management of the fund. The strategy adopts the principles of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Knowledge and Skills Framework. The Pensions Committee’s training policy was updated in March 2016. Following the implementation of the local Pension Boards CIPFA extended their framework to include the knowledge and skills required for the Pension Board members to exercise their functions under the Pensions Acts 2004 (as amended by the Public Services Pension Act 2013).

The training needs of Pensions Committee members and Pension Board members are assessed on an individual basis and take account of members’ existing expertise and interests in specific areas. We also provide for our fund members knowledge of their Pension Scheme and run a series of webinar briefings for employees presented by Pension Fund officers, our third party administrator Capita and Human Resources (HR) staff.

In each year Pensions Committee members are expected to undertake two to three days’ training aimed at building or refreshing their knowledge and skills in specific topics in greater depth. In 2015 we introduced an enhanced training log system that provides an individual certificate of Knowledge and Understanding. These certificates are published on our website and show the full training log throughout membership of the Pensions Committee for each individual member during the last financial year.

The key strategic training focus in 2016/17 for the Pensions Committee as a whole has been asset pooling and preparing for our participation in the Brunel Partnership. This continues to be a strategic focus in 2017/18.


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