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The amount you contribute will depend on your pensionable earnings. These are split into contribution bands and are reviewed on 1 April every year in line with Pension Increase orders.

The new bands for 2019/20 are: 


 Main Section contribution rate 1/49th accrual

50:50 Section*
contribution rate 
 Pensionable pay range from 1 April 2019 based on the assessed pensionable pay you receive
Band 1  5.5%  2.75%  Up to £14,400
Band 2  5.8%  2.9%  £14,401 to £22,500
Band 3  6.5%  3.25%  £22,501 to £36,500
Band 4  6.8%  3.4%  £36,501 to £46,200
Band 5  8.5%  4.25%  £46,201 to £64,600
Band 6  9.9%  4.95%  £64,601 to £91,500
Band 7  10.5%  5.25%  £91,501 to £107,700
Band 8  11.4%  5.7%  £107,701 to £161,500
Band 9  12.5%  6.25%  £161,501 or more
You’ll pay contributions based on the pensionable pay you receive, but remember that you benefit from tax relief on your pension contributions and your employer also pays into the Fund. 

If you’re in the 50:50 Section you’ll pay half the contribution for half the benefit. You’ll retain the other benefits in the Scheme exactly the same way as if you were in the full Scheme paying full contributions. If you forget to re-join the Main Section, your employer will re-join you automatically on their ‘re-enrolment date’. You can make another election to return to the 50:50 Section at that time. 

Please remember that you’re effectively giving up an increase to your pay if you opt out of the EAPF.


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