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You can download more information about the Scheme here, including our member factsheets and our guides to the Scheme.

Some of the documents on this page may not be suitable for users with assistive technology. If you need a version of any of our documents in a more accessible format, please tell us what format you need by emailing us at or calling 0800 121 6593.

Scheme Guides


Contributing member factsheets


New starters guide

A guide to transferring benefits into the EAPF 

How much will i pay into the LGPS?

Thinking about or approaching retirement?

Topping up my LGPS pension


Leaving before retirement factsheets

A guide for members with deferred benefits

Pension revaluation a guide for deferred thumbnail

Pension revaluation - a guide for deferred members

A guide to transferring benefits out of the EAPF 

Opting out thumbnail

Things to consider before opting out of the EAPF


Calculating my pension factsheets


A guide to final pay and protections from 2014

How is my pension worked out?

Tax controls on pensions savings 

When can I take my LGPS pension?

Partial retirement 2019

A guide to your partial retirement options


Retired member factsheets


Pension revaluation - a guide for pensioner members

Your life in retirement - a guide for new pensioners


Other helpful factsheets

Bereavement guide thumbnail

Bereavement and how we can help you 



PDF Editing guide

GDPR QA thumbnail

GDPR Questions and Answers

Scheme Pays QA thumbnail

Annual Allowance - Scheme Pays Questions and Answers 

Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure (IDRP)

2014 frequently asked questions

Our award winning pension fund

Your state pension QA thumbnail

Your State Pension Questions and Answers

Topping up your State pension

Topping up your State Pension


User guides

resource hub

High Earner AA Resource Hub

Scheme Pays Flowchart

Your pension savings statement explained

Your pension statement explained - Contributing members

Deferred ABS guide 2019

Your pension statement explained - Deferred members

85 year rule thumbnail

85 year rule explained


Last updated: 12/04/2021