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The regulations governing the fund require us to publish a separate Active Fund - Funding Strategy Statement and Closed Fund – Funding Strategy Statement for each fund that sets out the assumptions used by our Actuary in determining the funding level, and sets out a fund-specific strategy for each Fund which is reflected in the Investment Strategy Statement (ISS). Our Active Fund ISS and Closed Fund ISS incorporates our compliance statements for the Myners Principles and Statement of compliance to the Stewardship Code.

A Governance Compliance Statement is also required by regulations and assists us in communicating governance structures.  In addition we also publish our approach to Risk Management.

We have chosen to publish a Responsible Investment Policy, a Policy to address the impacts of climate change, a Statement of compliance to the Stewardship Code,Voting policy (which is under review) and provide supplementary guidance on specific topics to assist both us and our pension fund managers in the implementation of our investment strategy.