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Climate change

In October 2015, we made the commitment to ensure that our Fund’s investment portfolio and processes are compatible with keeping the global average temperature increase to remain below 2°C relative to pre-industrial levels, in-line with international government agreements.  

We set out our Policy to address the impacts of climate change, in which we detail our beliefs, our goals to invest, decarbonise and engage. An extract from the policy:

Our climate change investment beliefs

We believe that:

  • Climate change presents a systemic risk to the ecological, societal and financial stability of every economy and country on the planet, with the potential to impact our members, employers and all our holdings in the portfolio.
  • Climate change is a long term material financial risk for the Fund, and therefore will impact our members, employers and all our holdings in the portfolio.
  • Considering the impacts of climate change is both our legal duty and is entirely consistent with securing the long term returns of the Fund and is therefore acting in the best long term interests of our members. Selective risk-based disinvestment is appropriate but engagement for change is an essential component in order to move to a low carbon economy.