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Climate change

The EAPF goes net zero!

92% of our members who took part in our Responsible Investment Forum told us that they thought it was important that our Fund had a net zero target.

And so did the Pensions Committee. The Fund has agreed a target of getting to net zero by 2045.

This commitment is part of the fund’s long-running efforts to significantly reduce the emissions from the companies in our investment portfolio, while also continuing to invest in green solutions.

The ambitious decarbonisation target is backed by a science-based plan using data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with interim targets to ensure it’s on track. The fund is already ahead of the game, we are nearly 5 years ahead of target in terms of emission reductions to reach its 2045 goal.

But we never lose sight of the need to maintain our strong funding position. When we were crunching the data to set our net zero figure, we worked out that we had reduced emissions from our listed equity portfolio by 74% in the last decade, while growing the value of our investments by 94%.

Download the Environment Agency Pension Fund’s policy on climate change.

Download our Decarbonisation Target Summary to see the modelling behind the net zero target.