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Selecting our Pension Board members

The LGPS introduced new governance from April this year that sees greater governance requirements introduced within public sector pension schemes. To comply with these changes we have set up a new Pension Board for the Environment Agency Pension Fund. 

We had two vacancies for our Pension Committee and new Pension Board, and we wrote to our pensioner and deferred members in February inviting applications.

The principal aim of a Pension Board Member is to safeguard the interests of all Pension Fund members, ensuring the Fund is run properly and that member benefits are secure, acting in line with the legal framework surrounding pensions.

‘Our pension fund is important as it ensures the financial future of our previous, current and future members. To run it effectively, we need strong Governance and a diverse mix of capable people’.

Dawn Turner (Head of Pension Fund Management)

We received a tremendous response from our members and, having gone through a comprehensive selection process, we are pleased to welcome Peter Smith and Hywel Tudor as the new representatives for pensioner and deferred members.  We hope to see their appointments ratified at the Pension Committee meeting in June. 

Peter Smith is a qualified solicitor, chairman of a financial mutual and has held other senior posts during his career.

Hywel Tudor is a qualified accountant, led finance responsibility for a national charitable body and has significant pension trustee experience.

Applicants were asked to highlight their relevant experience in the following key areas:

  • Understanding and monitoring compliance with regulatory and legal matters
  • Working on a decision making body such as a committee or project board
  • Representing the interests of a group of stakeholders

You can find more information on the selection process and the role of a Board member below.

For more information about the Trustee click here.

The deadline for receiving completed nominations has closed

Last updated: 20/10/2017

What does the role involve?
  • Remaining impartial and always acting in the best interests of members
  • Administering the Fund in accordance with the LGPS Rules and Regulation
  • Strategically managing and steering the investment of the Funds assets with help from professional advisers
  • Overseeing the administration and payments to members and their dependents.
  • Providing members with key information about the Fund
  • Ensuring strong Fund governance at all times
What skills are needed?

You need to have an interest in pensions and a willingness to increase your understanding of the Fund and how it is run. Skills and experience that might help you include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness to act in collaboration
  • Being impartial with the ability to make strategic decisions
  • Previous experience on a decision-making committee
  • Relevant knowledge (familiarity with the LGPS or other pension scheme)
  • Competency in financial, pensions, legal or administration skills

You do not have to be a pension expert to stand for election, and you do not need any formal qualification. Training is provided to help develop your knowledge and support you in the role.

The day-to-day duties

As a Committee and Board Member you will be required to spend time reading meeting papers and attending formal quarterly meetings which are scheduled at the start of each calendar year. Additional meetings can be arranged with the agreement of the Chair.

Initially, you will also be expected to attend some formal training sessions.

We provide Board meeting papers through a secure Internet site, so having access to a computer or tablet is advantageous but not essential.

Meetings are held during the working week and in the daytime.


This is not an employed position. Expenses incurred in your role will be paid, including a nominal amount in recognition of your time and service. All payments are subject to Income Tax.

Training and support

Full training will be provided on appointment, with support to assist you in your role and help to develop your understanding.

The EAPF employ officers and professional advisers to perform specific functions and provide support to the Committee and Board regarding investments, benefits administration and governance, although you and your colleagues remain responsible and accountable for the decisions made.

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