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Here you'll find our latest news informing you of any pension changes that could affect you as a member of the Environment Agency Pension Fund.

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30 July 2019

Last year we told you that Equitable life had entered an agreement to transfer the Society and all its policies to Reliance Life which would result in an increase to their ‘with-profits’…

30 July 2019

Additional Pension Contributions (APCs) is one of the choices you can make to increase your pension benefits in the Scheme.

You can choose to make a one off contribution or make monthly contributions…

30 July 2019

McCloud was a High Court case that concerned the extension of protections to some members of public service pension schemes, when the career average (CARE) scheme was introduced for these schemes in…

30 July 2019

The Government have confirmed changes to the late retirement factors and methodology for the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), which will affect members who carry on working beyond their normal…