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Here you'll find our latest news informing you of any pension changes that could affect you as a member of the Environment Agency Pension Fund.

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11 January 2017

The Environment Agency Pension Fund have joined forces with Church of England's National Investing Bodies to launch a major initiative identifying companies that pose the biggest climate change risk.…

21 December 2016

This year’s personal pension statements are being sent out to current members’ home addresses over Christmas.  Your statement details the pension benefits that you have built up…

14 December 2016

We now have an update on Project Brunel's current position with 'Investment pooling' between Local Government Pension Scheme Funds (LGPS).

Clive Elphick, Chair of the Pensions Committee sent an…

13 December 2016

We surveyed members who attended our pension webinars throughout October and November 2016.

This year's webinars covered:

  • New starters – A guide to your pension
  • Understanding Investments
  • Increasing…