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Here you'll find our latest news informing you of any pension changes that could affect you as a member of the Environment Agency Pension Fund.

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21 December 2017

You can now choose to retire and take your pension between age 55 and 75 providing you cease employment, or partially retire.

If you choose to take your pension before your normal pension age (NPA) it…

21 December 2017

HM Treasury confirmed that the rate of Consumer Price Index (CPI) for September 2017 was 3%.

Official confirmation is expected from the Treasury in February/March 2018, before the increase takes effect…

21 December 2017

Earlier this year, we issued our first fully digital version of 'Your Pension' newsletter. We surveyed everyone who'd opened our e-newsletter and received some positive results.

Download our…
21 December 2017

The government has announced that the State pension age (SPA) will rise to 68, seven years earlier than planned. This could accelerate the rise in the SPA for certain people from 67 to 68 during 2037…