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14 December 2020

Contributing member webinars 2020

We recently held our Contributing member webinars throughout October and November this year. Our pension webinars cover a range of topics, whether you’re planning for retirement, you’re looking to boost your pension or you’ve recently joined.

If you didn't get a chance to attend our webinars, don't worry you can watch or download our presentations online. We’ve also created a video explaining the ’85 year rule’ which you can watch at your leisure.

We also surveyed those who attended our latest sessions and 358 of you completed our survey.

Here's what you told us:

  • 98.6% felt the presenter's knowledge was good
  • 95.3% felt the presentation of material was good
  • 96.4% found the webinars interesting and informative
  • 93.8% felt the webinar was the right length
  • 96.7% would be interested in attending future webinars
  • 96.7% would recommend the webinars to others
  • 96.7% felt they'd learnt something new
  • 95% felt the knowledge of their pension has improved
  • 83.5% feel they still need to learn more about their pension

The top 5 things you’d like to see more of in our future webinars:

  • Topping up your pension options
  • How the fund invests 
  • 85 Year rule 
  • Partial retirement 
  • Retirement options and how pension can be paid

Download our full webinar survey results here.




Last updated: 17/12/2020