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22 January 2018

Professional Pensions runs exclusive feature on EAPF's Sustainable Investment work and its latest selection of Robeco ACS

Professional Pensions ran an exclusive feature today on the Fund’s continued Sustainable Investment work and its latest selection of Robeco ACS.

In 2017, the EAPF began looking for an Equities Fund Manager that would incorporate a sustainable, low carbon approach to value investing, which means investing in stocks with viable long-term business models that are trading at low valuations. Robeco was selected on their ability to integrate sustainability factors within their quantitative investment techniques and provide a low cost, tax efficient, pooled fund solution.

Craig Martin (Chief Pensions Officer), welcomes Robeco’s innovative structures “which will help to deliver good investment performance for our Fund.”

Robeco is an international asset manager who believe strongly in sustainability investing, quantitative techniques and constant innovation, and further information on the Robeco ACS can be found here along with the press release.

You can read the full Professional Pensions article here.