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21 December 2017

When can I take my pension?

You can now choose to retire and take your pension between age 55 and 75 providing you cease employment, or partially retire.

If you choose to take your pension before your normal pension age (NPA) it will be reduced to reflect the fact that you’re being paid earlier.  From 2014, your NPA is the same as your state pension age or 65 if earlier. 

The amount of reduction depends on how many years earlier you draw it. You’ll find the latest reduction factors in our ‘When can I take my pension’ factsheet.

To help you decide the best time to retire, we’ve provided an online calculator to assist you.  Just log in to your EAPF Online account and use the ‘Retirement Illustrator’ to work out your prospective pension benefits. If you don’t already have an EAPF Online account, you’ll need to register first with your National Insurance number.

On the ‘Retirement Illustrator’ all you have to do is enter your current pensionable pay and preferred retirement date and the calculator will do the rest.  It automatically works out any potential reductions and enhancements giving you an accurate figure based on your current pay, from your own pension record.

If you’re within 6 months of your intended retirement date you shouldn’t use the calculator and you’ll need to speak with our Scheme administrator, Capita to request a retirement estimate.

If you qualify for pay protections, such as BR10 then you should contact Capita to request an estimate.

Please note that your employer requires 3 months' notice to help ensure your move into retirement goes smoothly.