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Here you’ll find some common questions asked by members who’ve recently joined.

When will I receive my annual pension statement?

You’ll automatically receive your annual pension statement via our online portal EAPF Online. See our ‘Go digital’ section for details on how to register if you haven’t already signed up.

How do I decide who receives my life cover lump sum payment?
You can decide who you wish your life cover lump sum to be paid to by completing and returning an Expression of Wish form (Pen 16) to Capita. Your employer will provide this form along with your New Starter Form (Pen 1).
Can I pay less contributions instead of opting out?
If you’re struggling financially and are thinking of opting out, you could instead, join the 50:50 Section of the Scheme. The 50:50 Section allows you to pay half the contributions for half the benefits, though your employer will continue to contribute at their full rate. Visit our 50:50 Section page for more info.

If you decide to opt out, you can leave the LGPS at any time on or after your first day of eligible employment, by giving your employer notice in writing and completing an ‘Opt Out form’.

For more information and to download a form, visit our Opting Out page.