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Welcome to the Environment Agency Pension Fund (EAPF)

Our pension fund is part of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). It gives you tax efficient savings a guaranteed future income.

Capita looks after the day to day administration of the EAPF and will be your main point of contact for any questions you have about your benefits.

To help you easily understand the basics of your EAPF pension, read our New starters guide

Top 5 things to know about your pension

  • It’s a ‘defined benefit’ scheme which means it’s not based on investment performance. We’ll use a ‘defined formula’ calculation to work out how much you’ll get and we’ll promise to give you a guaranteed future income each year when you retire.
  • You can take your benefits at any time from the age of 55 to 75
  • The benefits you get include a pension and the option to take a tax free lump sum when you retire as well as immediate life cover and ill health protection
  • There are also benefits for your loved ones such as pensions for dependants should the worst happen, there’s also a life cover lump sum payable if you die. See our Scheme guide for more details.