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Retiring early

Reductions for early leavers & protections

If you choose to retire earlier than your normal pension age (NPA) your pension benefits may be reduced for earlier payment, although there are protections in place for some members of staff who were members of the Scheme prior to October 2006 and who qualified for the 85 year rule protections.

For more information on early payment reductions, see our 'When can i take my pension?' factsheet.

85 year rule explained

If you were a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) before 1 October 2006, your benefits may be protected under the '85 year rule'.

The 85 year rule is where we take a member’s age and qualifying years of service in the Scheme, and if it comes to 85 or over at the point they wish to take their benefits, and they're aged over 60, it means they may be able to take their benefits unreduced at that point. 

Watch our 85 year rule explained video to easily understand how it works.

We've also created a flowchart to help you understand how the 85 year rule applies to your circumstances. You can download the flowchart, here.

Check if you're protected under the 85 year rule

We've also created a helpful tool below for you to see instantly if you're protected under the 85 year rule. Simply answer each question by clicking 'Yes' or 'No' to see if you're eligible.

When using this tool, you may see footnotes such as 'LGPS service1', 'full2 85 year rule protections' or 'full3 85 year rule protections'. To understand what these mean, just hover over the 'Footnotes' section at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer - This tool is not intended to cover every personal circumstance, nor does it confer any contractual or statutory rights and is provided for information purposes only. In the event of any dispute over your pension benefits the appropriate legislation will prevail.

85 year rule eligibility checker


    1. ‘LGPS service’
    2. Meaning of ‘full 85 year rule protections’
    3. Meaning of ‘partial 85 year rule protections’