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Pension calculators

You can work out an estimate of your individual pension benefits, based on your own personal details by using our ‘Retirement Illustrator’. To access this you’ll need to log on to our secure site at EAPF Online.

If you haven’t yet registered for this service or have forgotten your password, please see our easy guide to viewing your pension online.

  • To help you understand how your pension account works from April 2014 we have provided a Pension Account modeller. Clicking on the link will take you to the modeller on the national LGPS site and open in a separate window.  This calculator provides generic information on how the new pension account works.
  • To purchase additional pension within the LGPS, or to purchase lost pension due to a period of absence you can use this calculator. Clicking on the link will take you to the calculator on the national LGPS site and will open in a separate window.

How much will you pay?

To work out how much you’ll pay out of your weekly or monthly wage in contributions to the Scheme click here.

Use our 'Budget Planner' tool

Our Budget Planner tool lets you plan for retirement by helping you keep track of all your expected income and outgoings once you retire and shows you how much more you might need to be putting aside.

Check out our Budget Planner tool today!

What is my state pension age?

To find out your state pension age you can use this link and for further information on when you can draw your benefits from the scheme, please click here.