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Taking your pension

When you retire you'll receive a pension, payable for your lifetime that is revalued annually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Please see our pension increase guide for more information on how your pension is revalued. 

You'll also be given the option to exchange some of your pension for extra tax free cash within HMRC limits. For information on these limits please see our 'Tax allowances' page or download our tax on pensions factsheet.

The LGPS offers flexibility in when you can retire which ranges from age 55 to 75. 

From April 2014, your normal pension age (NPA) in the LGPS is the later of your state pension age (SPA) or age 65. Please note that your SPA today will not necessarily be your SPA in the future, as the Government review the state pension age once every parliament and so this is assessed at the point your benefits are paid.

Under current legislation, SPA is planned to increase to:

  • Age 66 if you were born between April 1954 and April 1961
  • Age 67 if you were born between April 1961 and April 1978
  • Age 68 if you were born after April 1978

You'll find more information in our When can i take my pension? factsheet.

It is important to appreciate that all pensions built up before 1 April 2014 are protected. For information on how your pension is calculated for membership before 1 April 2014, please see our Scheme guide.

You'll also find useful information on how your CARE pension works in our factsheet How is my pension worked out?.For more information about approaching retirement please see our factsheet and guide. For more information about final pay and protection read our Final pay protections factsheet.

Plan for retirement with our Budget Planner tool

Our Budget Planner tool lets you keep track of all your expected income and outgoings once you retire and shows you how much more you might need to be putting aside. Check out our Budget Planner tool today!

An option to retire early

You can choose to retire from age 55 and receive your benefits immediately, although they may be reduced for early payment.  Your Scheme employer has the discretion to waive this reduction and to also ‘switch on’ any 85 year rule protections that may apply before age 60; the circumstances outlining where these would be considered are covered in their policy.

For more information on retiring early download our factsheet or click here.

Redundancy cover

The LGPS provides pension benefits to cover redundancy and business efficiency retirements from age 55 with no reduction.

Partial retirements

If you reduce your hours or move to a less senior position on or after age 55, you can, if your Scheme employer agrees, draw some or all of your benefits built up to the point you reduce your hours or move to a less senior grade; this is to help you ease into retirement, although the benefits you receive at that time may be reduced for early payment.

For information on Partial retirement see our factsheet.

Ill health cover

The LGPS provides benefits for you if you have to retire because of ill health. These benefits may be enhanced depending on the severity of your condition.

For more information please click here.

Taking your state pension

You'll find more information on taking your state pension at or by reading the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) 'State Pension Changes Q&A' factsheet here.

You can also read our State Pension and NI Changes Q&A Factsheet here.