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Derek’s 69. He worked for the Environment Agency as an Engineer full time for 30 years and before that the Local Government. He has a passion for golfing and real ale.

He’s currently receiving a pension of £24,000 a year and took a cash lump sum at retirement which he partly spent on a caravan.

Derek retired at his Normal Pension Age (NPA) under the Scheme, which was 65.

He contributed to the Main section of the Scheme because he knew this would give him the highest benefits in retirement.

Derek knew whichever option he chose at retirement would give him a good, guaranteed, income for life.

What does this mean for Derek?

Derek’s in receipt of a pension for life and there will be a spouse’s pension for his wife, Marion, if he dies before her.

What can Derek do?

He should log in or sign up for the EAPF Online portal, which gives access to personalised pension information, monthly pension or tax details and also lets him update his personal details or submit queries; it also allows him to make sure his nomination form is up to date online.

Are you like Derek?

  1. Keep track of your monthly payments dates on our website
  2. Sign up or log in to the EAPF Online portal and view your P60 or monthly payslips
  3. Make sure your nomination form and any personal details are up to date online