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The EAPF is an award-winning pension fund with accolades in areas such as investment and governance.


November – IPE Environmental Social Governance

November – IPE Inaugural Climate Related Risk Management

We are particularly pleased to have won the inaugural climate risk award in recognition of our work.  The ESG award was jointly won with PFZW.

May - Portfolio Institutional - Best implementation of responsible investment - Winner

Our success is in recognition of the EAPF’s contribution to the wider development of Responsible Investment.


The Asset Owners Disclosure Project - Ranked number one

We were very pleased to receive the number one ranking for the work we are doing in reducing the risks posed by climate change.

November - IPE Smart Beta Awards - Winner

We won the award recognising our work in managing portfolio value and controlling risk.

June - Responsible Investor Reporting Awards Small/medium fund (below $25 billion) - Winner

We won the award for our Responsible Investment Review, published September 2012. The review was recognized in the inaugural Responsible Investor Reporting Awards, winning its category for excellence in responsible investment reporting. Reports from over 1,000 of the world’s largest pension funds from Europe, North America, Australasia, Latin America and Africa were included in the analysis.

May - aiCIO European Innovation Awards Public Pension Scheme (Below €15 billion) - Winner

We won this award which was open to all pension funds globally. We are delighted to be recognised by this well respected professional publication. The judging panel were particularly impressed by our commitment to sustainable investment.

May - Portfolio Institutional Awards, Best Implementation of Responsible Investment - Highly Commended

We were highly commended for our implementation of responsible investment. The focus of the award was on evidence of responsible investment practice in investment management.

A summary of the awards won in recent years is provided in this document.

These awards recognise the EAPF’s ongoing commitment in delivering a sustainable pension fund that is effective and provides value for money for both employers and members.