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Working with us

All our day to day investment management is delegated Text box to specialist investment managers or invested in funds, but we retain direct responsibility for asset allocation, manager selection and manager monitoring.

The delivery of our Fund is supported by a network of service providers covering investment and actuarial consultancy, manager selection and monitoring, investment analytics, ESG risk analysis, engagement, voting and communications.

We seek to take a long term approach in working with our suppliers, building an effective partnership and achieving continuous improvement, particularly in the area of responsible investment. We believe this will make us more effective in delivering our outcomes.

We expect high quality and excellent performance from our suppliers and we are looking for great value for money for the Fund. We have been developing a “covenant” for investment managers, which lays out our expectations in further detail.

Our investment consultants are Mercer. While the Fund makes its own decisions on where to invest, after taking advice, all prospective managers/funds are advised to register on Mercer’s Global Investment Manager Database™ (GIMD™), (

We are very keen to work with other asset owners on collaborative procurements and shared investment opportunities, and would be pleased to explore such opportunities with our peers.

To find out more about our approach to investing, you can visit our Responsible Investment section.

In September 2014 the Environment Agency Pension Fund launched a search for new managers for its global sustainable equity mandate and has now successfully completed the appointment of 4 new Sustainable Equity managers. To read information on our search criteria, our successful appointments, and an insight into the global sustainable equity market please click here.

We have a variety of mechanisms we use to find and select managers and advisors:

EU tender
Segregated managers and key advisers are appointed after a formal EU tender process. Tender notices are published on the EU website

Note, in order to achieve value for money we seek where possible to collaborate with other similar funds on procurement and establish framework agreements. Consequently, although involved, we may not be the lead organisation in a particular procurement.


Where the EU tendering rules do not apply, we may conduct our own searches. These will be listed here and potentially in the specialist media. We may use a third party to support us on such searches.

Market research

Prior to deciding to allocate to an area we may undertake market research on the opportunities and capabilities available in the market. We will list these areas here and will normally be willing to meet with and learn about industry innovation and potential suppliers.

Real assets

If you have funds in property, infrastructure agriculture or forestry which you believe may be of interest (particularly with a focus on sustainability or environment), you should contact the managers of our real assets portfolio, The Townsend Group, in London You may copy us in, but note Townsend are responsible for evaluating opportunities for us.

Targeted Opportunities Portfolio (TOP)

We have a small allocation to invest in funds we consider to be outstanding opportunities both financially and in terms of sustainability. They should complement our existing investments, help us demonstrate leadership in responsible investment and should clearly contribute to sustainable capitalism. Opportunities may be in any area, though we expect many to be private equity, broadly defined.  Only 1 or 2 such investments are expected each year.

Contacting us

If you have a product/service you think fits with one of the areas listed under current activities you can contact us on starting the subject line with “Investment” and the name of your product/service. If appropriate, we will endeavour to respond (including possibly informing you when a formal tender/search is launched), although please note our resources are limited.