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Working with us

As an LGPS fund we are transitioning to the Brunel Pension Partnership (‘Brunel’) asset pool. Brunel will undertake manager selection, appointment and monitoring (more detail is available on the Brunel website) but we retain direct responsibility for asset allocation.

The delivery of our Fund is supported by a network of service providers (whether direct with us or through Brunel) covering investment and actuarial consultancy, manager selection and monitoring, investment analytics, ESG risk analysis, engagement, voting and communications.

We seek to take a long term approach in working with our suppliers (whether direct with us or through Brunel), building an effective partnership and achieving continuous improvement, particularly in the area of responsible investment. We believe this will make us more effective in delivering our outcomes.

We expect high quality and excellent performance from our suppliers and we are looking for great value for money for the Fund.

We are very keen to work with other asset owners on collaborative procurements and shared investment opportunities, and would be pleased to explore such opportunities with our peers.

To find out more about our approach to investing, you can visit our Responsible Investment section or contact us at

Current Activities

LGPS Funds are transitioning to a pooling structure. If you’ve any questions about working with us, please email us at the address shown on the bottom of this page.