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Voting & Engagement

We are long term investors who aim to deliver a truly sustainable pension fund ensuring that it is affordable, delivers financially to meet the objectives of our Fund employers and is invested responsibly.

We also think investors, including pension fund managers and shareholders, could influence the Board/Directors of under-performing companies to improve the management and financial performance of those companies and consequently we have policies and processes  for identifying companies for engagement, and for voting stocks; voting and engagement activities, and evidence of outcomes from those activities.

As an LGPS fund we are transitioning to the Brunel Pension Partnership (‘Brunel’) asset pool. A specialist engagement provider, in close consultation with Brunel, will vote active equities. EAPF is aligned to the Brunel voting policy but on rare occasions we may choose to vote separately.

We are members of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) and complement our own engagement activities with those of LAPFF. LAPFF sets engagement priorities for the coming year based on sector and country priorities, and these include issues such as human capital management, remuneration, tax transparency and cyber risk. Quarterly reports and a full list of their work programme can be found on their website.

In 2019 we began our own initiative of attending company AGMs to ask questions of the Board. You'll find more details on our AGM Engagement page.

To see how our assets through Brunel were engaged with and resolutions voted please visit the Brunel website.

One manager makes votes on our behalf and their voting records can be found here.

For more information on how we voted at companies in which we are invested please click on the boxes below.