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Climate Disclosure

In our Policy to Address the Impacts of Climate Change we identified that “To deliver the commitments above and deploy capital, aware of the climate change risks and opportunities, requires accurate disclosure material information to support informed investment decision making. The failure of companies to do so is a significant barrier to progress.”  We are therefore strongly supportive of the work of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TFCD). 

We also strongly support the statements made in the recommendations which mirror our own climate beliefs.  In addition we would highlight and support the statements in the recommendations that acknowledge the current market failure to price climate risk and call for disclosure relating to the financial implications of climate change be embedded in mainstream financial filings.

We also acknowledge our central role as an asset owner to stimulate the demand for the supply cycle for climate related financial disclosures.  However we do firmly believe the emphasis and focus must be on quality disclosures from companies at the bottom of the pyramid to ensure that as we aggregate the usefulness of the data is not diminished to the point where it cannot be used to stimulate the appropriate economic decision making, such as the allocation of capital to support transition to a low carbon economy.

You can read our full response here.