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Trustee training

Pensions Committee members and officers are expected to maintain a reasonable knowledge of ongoing developments and current issues, which will allow them to have a good level of general awareness of pension related matters, which may not be specific to the Environment Agency Pension Fund.

The EAPF has a Training Policy detailing the training strategy for members of the Pensions Committee (PC) and for senior officers responsible for the management of the Fund.

The Training Policy is established to aid these PC members and officers in performing and developing personally in their individual roles, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that EAPF is managed by individuals who have the appropriate levels of knowledge and skills.

To assist this process the Fund has developed certificates* that provide a snapshot of Individual member training plans and competencies, at 31 March 2015, over and above the Individuals own professional qualifications and experience.

Please click the links below to see these certificates:

* Pension Board training competencies will be integrated into these certificates from April 2015.