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26 July 2017

Government announce proposed changes to State Pension Age (SPA)

The government has announced that the State pension age (SPA) will rise to 68, seven years earlier than planned. This follows the recommendation made in the Cridland Report, accelerating the rise in the SPA for certain people from 67 to 68 during 2037 to 2039.

The proposed changes will mean that people born:

  • before 6 April 1970 won’t see a change to their SPA
  • between 6 April 1970 and 5 April 1978 will see their SPA increase from 67 to 68

Since April 2014, the LGPS retirement age has been linked to the State pension age.  This means that EAPF members born between 6 April 1970 and 5 April 1978 will have to wait an extra year to reach their LGPS retirement age when this change is enacted.

Changing the SPA requires new legislation and approval of Parliament,
which could take until 2023. 

The Government are making this announcement now, as they seek to provide a minimum of ten years’ notice for individuals affected by changes to their SPA.

Last updated: 26/07/2017