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01 November 2017

Following the release of our updated Policy on Climate Change, the Chair of the Environment Agency and Investment Committee, Emma Howard Boyd was recently interviewed by the Financial Times (FT).

The subsequent article focuses on Emma’s…

31 October 2017

We’ve recently created a helpful online guide especially for our new members. Our new starter guide helps you to understand the basics of your pension and provides useful links to more in depth information if you need it.

We’ve also…

30 October 2017

Our latest ‘Policy to address the impacts of climate change’ 2017 is now available to download.

The 2017 edition demonstrates our progress since the inception of our original policy in 2015, and covers significant policy developments such…

17 October 2017

If you exceed the annual allowance (AA) and have a tax charge of £2000 or more, you can ask the Fund to pay some or all of your AA tax charge. This is called the Scheme Pays option.

If you’re interested in the Scheme Pays option, use our…