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03 May 2017

The Environment Agency Pension Fund (EAPF) has achieved a AAA rating in this year’s Global Climate 500 report, for the 4thyear in a row. We are ranked at # 2 in the World Index which maintains our previous strong showing and recognition (we…

25 April 2017

Prudential have announced that their policy on exit charges has changed with effect from 19 March 2017.

Members whose first contribution is received on, or after 19 March 2017 will no longer be subject to an exit charge regardless of age. Members…

25 April 2017

Every three years, our Fund undertakes a valuation in conjunction with our Actuary. Our 31 March 2016 valuation assessed the Fund’s financial position based on our assets and liabilities (pensions built up in the Fund) at that date. We use…

25 April 2017

We’ve published a ‘Policy to Address the Impacts of Climate Change’ to demonstrate to our members we have a credible plan to deliver strong long term financial returns as the impacts of climate change materialise. We believe…