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Investment Holdings Data

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and being open and transparent, we have published our entire holdings of the fund.  We will update the data every 6 months. Before you access the data please read the introduction below and specifically the conditions to the use of the data.

We have delegated day-to-day management of the Fund’s assets to a number of Fund Managers. They have full discretion to manage their portfolios subject to their investment management agreements with us and in compliance with the Fund’s policies. We do not seek to direct the managers on individual investment decisions. 

The Funding Strategy takes account of, and informs the development of, our investment strategy and our statement of investment principles (SIP).  In all matters, our fiduciary obligations to Fund members are paramount, and neither the Fund’s committees nor the Fund’s officers would take any action which would be in conflict with these obligations.

Click on the link below to download information about the Environment Agency Pension Fund (the 'EAPF Information'). 

By clicking on the link below you agree:

  • you have read our Investment Strategy Statement (ISS) and Conflicts of interest policy;
  • EAPF do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the EAPF Information;
  • that you may only use the EAPF Information for your own non-commercial, lawful purposes;
  • if you reproduce the EAPF Information it must be reproduced accurately and not in a misleading context (particularly taking into account our statement of investment principles and conflicts of interest policy);
  • reproduction of any EAPF Information must be limited to reasonable extracts for use in accordance with this paragraph - you may not reproduce the EAPF Information in its entirety;
  • not to use the EAPF Information to make any investment decisions;
  • not to make any suggestion that we endorse you or your organisation or that there is any connection between us; and
  • not to remove any privacy wording from the EAPF Information.

You may only download and use the EAPF Information if you agree to, and comply with, the above. To discuss the use of the EAPF Information please contact Martin Parsons.

I have read the above statement and agree to proceed.


Last updated: 20/10/2017